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Highly Efficient Full-Body Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) alternates short, intense bursts with brief rests to deliver guaranteed results in just three 15 minute sessions a week.

Fun and Easy to Learn

Our system is easy to learn (check out our intro video) and fun to use. We offer tailored workout programs, all without extra fees or subscriptions. With Orion fight Tech, you'll look forward to working out.

Develop Defensive Skills

Training with fight Tech will improve your coordination and reaction time and give you the confidence to handle any situation that may arise.

Made in the USA

Our machines are built tough to the highest standards right here in the USA.

Risk-Free 30 Day Trial

Our system helps people achieve fitness and maintain overall wellness. Try the Orion fight Tech for 30 days, and let us know how it works for you! Our support team is here to help if you ever need us.

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Ask The Experts. Let Us Help.

Let us help you choose your machine and recommend how to use it based on your fitness level.

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It has always been important to be fit and able to defend yourself. In today's world it is crucial to you and your family's safety to learn basic defense and get fit from your home within two months.

Do this for yourself.

"I lost 68 lbs. It was easy to learn and I was happy to finally see results after years of trying other ways to lose weight. The best part is how much better I feel and found my confidence. I recommend everyone get a fight Tech machine."

Actual Speed

Full Contact Training Partner

Ready When You Are

"I am amazed how my reflexes have improved. Not just with fight tech, but how I now catch everything I drop without thinking. There are many benefits to using fight tech, but my reflexes is the thing that improved the fastest".

"My accuracy has increased tremendously with fight tech. There is nothing like using it with full contact and strength, it's very realistic. Fight tech has improved every aspect of my karate skills in only a few weeks compared to years of karate training. I feel like I have achieved a much greater level of accuracy and discipline.

"Fight tech has all the tools you need. I can actually practice how I fight in the ring. It feels customized for me. I wish this was available when I began. Fight tech gives me a real advantage. If you want to do it right, get a fight tech machine, it's the real deal."

"I have a black belt in karate and I was trained for speed and accuracy. I thought I was quick until I used fT for two weeks. I now look forward to training again. At a house party my girlfriends wanted to see me use my fight tech machine. One friend said I looked great on video but in person she said, "you look dangerous person, let me know if I Make you mad". I strongly recommend fight tech."

"My teacher cannot believe how much more confidence I have and how much faster and accurate I am. It only took a few weeks to improve my abilities. My classmates want to know my secret. I can now hit a target 5 times before anyone knows what happened".

"I am a fitness model and when I first saw fight tech, the inventor was using it with fans on him. I didn't see the need for fans until I used fight tech. I was blown away at the level of exercise and physical challenge . I love that I can add and change targets quickly for different styles of workouts. It is now my first exercise of choice and fun."

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